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LifeSize ICON 600 with 10x PTZ camera & digital micpod. 1000-0000-1171

£5,566.80 £4,595.27 (Inc. VAT)
£4,639.00 £3,829.39 (Ex. VAT)
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1-2 working days
Separate Pan, Tilt & 10x Zoom, HD
Separate table microphone
Recommended area coverage:
6-16 seats
LifeSize Icon 600 with 10x PTZ camera and digital micpod

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LifeSize Icon 600-1080S + Mic. With 10x zoom PTZ camera & separate (wired) digital mic pod. Single 1080P display capable.

For the Icon 600-single screen with Speakerphone instead of microphone click here.

 The Icon 600 is suitable for a mid-to-large sized boardroom of up to 20 people(with additional mics), for smaller spaces (up to 6 seats) we'd recommend checking out the Icon 400 - available with micpod or with speakerphone.

Lifesize Icon 600

  • Pair with Lifesize Cloud for an unparalleled connected experience from the conference room to the desktop and mobile users.
  • Join a Lifesize Cloud virtual meeting room via the meetings directory with a single click.
  • Ad-hoc conversations begin in the unified directory. Search for a name, click and call.
  • Escalating to a multiparty call couldn’t be easier. Simply accept an incoming call or click on a contact in your directory to add participants.
  • Enjoy the same user experience in and out of multiparty calls. With the unified user experience, every call looks and feels the same.
  • Record and share meetings with Lifesize Cloud Amplify*.
  • The icons on the onscreen menu clearly convey the function or operation so you can click and complete quickly.
  • Pin contacts as favorites for quick and easy starts to video calls.
  • Lifesize Icon 600 is designed for maximum simplicity, flexibility and value.

Pair with Lifesize Cloud*

Capitalize on the power of our cloud service to deliver even more substantial benefits to your business. Simple point-to-point and mobile calls that can quickly escalate to multiparty calls by clicking on a name in a directory are strong enticements to hold meetings via video. For IT, simplified setup through auto-provisioning, video network management and secure NAT/firewall traversal will accelerate deployment.

The Ultimate Communication Experience

Lifesize firmly believes that video calls should be rewarding experiences. That means getting the technology out of the way and making it about realizing the user’s meeting objectives.

Lifesize Icon 600 achieves that goal. The simplified remote and the user interface get you into your meeting quickly. The HD image and crystal clear sound erase distance and put everyone into the same space. Meetings are more productive, and everyone leaves happy. That’s what we call the ultimate communication experience.

  • Connects to Lifesize Camera 10X with 10X optical zoom
  • Supports dual displays
  • Automatic updates
  • Available with Lifesize Phone HD
  • Two audio expansion inputs for large rooms
  • Pairs to the Lifesize app




Minimum 1-year maintenance required by Lifesize. Optional renewal following this date.

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