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Cisco 10" LCD Touch Panel for all SX & MX(G2) series.

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Cisco 10" LCD Touch Panel for all SX & MX(G2) series. (CTS-CTRL-DV10=)

Cisco 10 Inch LCD Controller for SX-series, MX700/800 and MX200/300 (2nd Generation). "Touch 10" pairs with codec over Ethernet.

Product Overview

The Cisco TelePresence® Touch is a family of intuitive devices designed to give you a delightful experience when interacting with Cisco video conferencing systems – with just a touch or swipe of your finger. These touch-based devices are optimized for an effortless user experience from launching and ending a video conference, to sharing content, to viewing contact lists and directories, and even accessing video and voicemail messages.

The portfolio features Touch 8 and 10 devices (Figure 1):

   Touch 8-inch device supports the Cisco TelePresence EX90.

   Touch 10-inch device supports the Cisco TelePresence MX200/MX300 G2; MX700 and MX800 Series; SX Series; and IX Series.

With the latest innovations, the Touch 10 is also able to easily control other room peripherals such as lighting, room dividers, and curtains, through a customizable API1.

Figure 1 shows the Cisco TelePresence Touch 8 and 10 Devices.

Figure 1.      Cisco TelePresence Touch 8 and 10 Devices

With Cisco TelePresence Touch devices, you can quickly and easily access the most common tasks in the context of your meeting. The innovative design allows effortless integration with the various forms of synchronous and asynchronous communication that are already part of the workflow.

Features and Benefits

Cisco TelePresence Touch devices enhance the ease of connection and communication by providing instant access to meeting, contacts, directories, and content. The devices combine beautiful design and effortless user interaction with a consistent experience throughout the Cisco TelePresence portfolio.

Figure 2 Shows User Interface Displaying Room Control1 Information.

Figure 2.      User Interface Displaying Room Control Information

Table 1 gives specifications of the Cisco TelePresence Touch devices.

90 days RTB for repair/replacement. Full refund if replacement isn't available.