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Frequently asked questions

1. How do I check the status of my order?

You can check your order status by logging on to your online account. 

To do this please follow these steps:
- Logon to your account via this link
- Select the View Order Status option on the left
Here you can view the status of any orders you have made with us.


2. What is your returns policy?

Unfortunately we do not offer returns on non-faulty stock. If your product is faulty then you will need to contact the maintenance provider using the contact details you received following your order being shipped.


3. How long will the delivery take?

We currently only have one method of delivery which is using a 24 hour courier within the UK. We allow for 1-2 days processing time, therefore our total expected lead time is 2-3 working days from the order being accepted for most products. Please note that some products may take longer due to various limitations, this will be detailed on the product page.


4. What are the warranty & maintenance options?

The warranty and maintenance options vary depending on the manufacturer and the condition of the product. Most manufacturers include a standard warranty, however some require 1-year maintenance to be purchased in the first year, with optional renewal from the second year.

Please refer to the Warranty Information tab under the product description for more information on a specific product. You will be asked to select a maintenance option before adding an item to your cart for video & audio conferencing products.


5. How will I know when my maintenance contract is up for renewal?

Our partner company will contact you when the maintenance renewal date is approaching. We will never automatically charge you for this, it is completely optional.

You will also receive the expiry date along with the relevant support contact details after your order has been completed.


6. When will I receive my maintenance information?

Most of our maintenance contracts are backed off to the manufacturer, therefore we will send you the details as soon as we receive them. Please note it can take a few weeks to get this information through, however if you have any issues during this period do not hesitate to contact us.


7. Do you ship outside the UK?

It is possible for us to ship outside of the UK for some products, however we aren't able to put all of this information on the website.

If you have an enquiry about a shipment abroad please contact us via the Contact Us page with the following information:
1. Company name
2. Email address
3. Shipping address
4. Product(s) required (with SKU if possible)


8. Can you advise on a bespoke solution?

Our team has been trained to manage the store and any basic enquiries that come in. If you would like assistance in finding a complete solution, potentially with installation and maintenance support, then we can take your details and pass you over to our accredited partner company who specialise in planning and implementing audio/video projects. 

If you would like help in finding the right solution please contact us via the Contact Us page with the following information:
1. Company name
2. Email address
3. Telephone number
4. Overview of project


9. Can you advise on a basic solution?

You're welcome to call us for some advise on which product to select. Alternatively, we have a handy quiz tool which asks and few simple questions and finds a suitable product base don the information you provide. You can use the free quiz here.



If your question still hasn't been answered, please use the below form or Contact Us page.


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