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5 Features of Iiyama touch screens

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Touch screens are becoming more popular due to their multiple uses. As well as being used as a whiteboard, they can also be used as a standard display or PC monitor. Here are 5 features of the Iiyama touch screens. 

Up to 4k resolution. Although some of the smaller interactive displays are limited to 1080P, most of the 65"+ displays provide 4K-UHD resolution. 

Up to 20 point touch. This is standardly limited to 10 touch, which is great, however some of the newer displays can have up to 20 touch points. This means you could have up 4 hands drawing at the same time, or many more if they are only using 1/2 fingers!

Image result for TH7067MIS-B2AG

Whiteboard functionality - perhaps the main use of the solution. These displays include free whiteboarding software, allowing uses to draw on a plank page, edit and save.

Annotation software - in addition to the whiteboard feature, there is also software included that allows a user to annotate over documents. 

24/7 operating time - so you can leave the display on for as long as you like.

Image result for TH7067MIS-B2AG

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